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B.R.E. Unlimited All-Stars
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2002 Race Results/Standings
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The Pennsylvania (B.R.E.) Unlimited All-Star rules for 2003 are as follows! 

2003 B.R.E. Unlimited All-Star Rules.
1.  $130 minimum guaranteed to win.
2.  All entry fee money taken in (minus race track cut and pit fee) will pay back
     on race day.  $40 entry fee includes driver pit fee.
3.  Pay back, 2nd - 12th, is solely on the number of entries and sponsorship
     available for that event.
4.  Engines
     A.  Any two stroke cycle engine(s), no limit to modifications or,
     B.  Any four stoke cycle engine(s), no limit to modifications or,
     C.  Tecumseh Star Class engines.
5.  Minimum weights
     A.  Rotary or reed valve engines, 230 lbs plus one pound for each cc or
           fraction of a cc, 170cc maximum displacement.
     B.  Flat head four stroke engine(s) 190 lbs plus one pound for every 3 cc
           or fraction of a cc, 466cc maximum displacement.
     C.  Piston port, McCulloch or US820 (West Bend) engine(s), 200 lbs plus
           one pound for every cc or fraction of a cc, 210cc maximum
      D. Open star engines, 230 lbs plus one pound for every 3cc or fraction of
           a cc.
      E.  Super charged four stroke cycle engine(s), 245 lbs plus one pound for
           every 3 cc or fraction of a cc.
      F.  Overhead valve four-stroke cycle engine(s), 245 lbs plus one pound for
           every 2 cc or fraction of a cc. 446cc maximum displacement.
      G. Super charged two-stroke cycle engine(s), 245 lbs plus one pound per 
           cc or fraction of a cc.
      H.  Always round up to the nearest whole cc when figuring weight.
6.  Competitors must declare their weight and display it next to their front 
     number so that the scale person can easily see it.
7.  The bore will be measured with dial calipers and the stroke with two or 
     three inch travel dial indicator.  The following formula will be use to figure
    displacement.  BORE X BORE X STROKE X .7854 X 16.39 = CC.
8.  Driver who are not members of the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club may enter
    an Unlimited All-Star Event, however, the first $20 of prize money that they
    earn will automatically be used to purchase a membership for that driver.
    (Western Pennsylvania Region Only)
9.  Drivers will not accumulate any season points until their PCTC membership
     is paid in full.
10. Any unclaimed prize money, and/or sponsor money allocated for rained 
      out events will be added to the purse of the next event, or a following
      unsponsored event.
11. End of season trophies and awards will be given out to the top ten drivers
      at the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club banquet in January.  You must attend
      the banquet to receive any end of season awards. (Western Pa. Region 
12. The driver is the official entry.  He/She can switch karts between heats or
      before the feature, but not during a race.  The kart MUST carry the same
      number that the driver signed in with.
13. All host track rules and regulations will be adhered to by drivers in the 
      Unlimited All-Stars.  The show will be run according to their normal track 
14. Promoters have the right to refuse any equipment for competition that they
      feel is unsafe.
15. The promoter is solely responsible for running the show.  The Unlimited 
      All-Stars will provide competitors, post race technical inspection, and 
      handle distribution of the purse.
16. The promoter is to supply the agreed upon amount of money to the race
      director or appointee, feature race score sheets and names of heat winners
17. It is requested that promoters only permit a driver to spin out two times 
      per heat race or feature race.  Those drivers will be black flagged upon
      their third spin out.
18. The IKF speedway rules for body work have been adopted by the 
      Unlimited All-Stars.  The only exception is that the maximum height is 30
      inches instead of 26.
19. The driver must take the green flag in at least one hot lap sesson to get any
      points for the day.  If a driver breaks down in hot laps and can't run for the
      rest of the program and does not receive a refund, he will receive last 
      place overall points.
20. The track promoter will determine the number of karts that compete in the
21. Points will be awarded to the various finishing positions as follows;
      1. 50   6. 40   11. 30   16. 20  
      2. 48   7. 38   12. 28   17. 18       Heat winners will receive 1 additional
      3. 46   8. 36   13. 26   18. 16       point for each heat win.
      4. 44   9. 34   14. 24   19. 14
      5. 42   10. 32  15. 22   20. 12 etc.
      B-Main drivers who do not transfer up to the A-Main will all receive two
      points less than the last place finisher in the A-Feature.
      C-Main drivers who do not transfer up will receive 4 points less that last 
      place in the A-Feature and etc.
22. In 2003 there are 13 races on the schedule. A drivers 11 best race day
      point totals will be counted for the final end of season finish.  For every rain
      out or cancellation, one less race will be counted, ie., 1 rain out 10 races
      will count, 2 rain outs and 9 races will count and etc.
23. Drivers who are black flagged for unsportsmanlike or hazardous driving
      infractions will receive no season points for that heat or feature.  Drivers
      who are disqualified on the scales will receive no points for that heat or
      feature.  Drivers who are disqualified in post race tech will receive no
      points for that feature and heats.
24. Drivers who are blacked flagged for spinning out will receive points as
      though they did not finish.
25. Decisions of the track promoter or his appointed personnel and/or the race
      director will be final.
The PCTC/BRE Small Engines-Unlimited All-Stars is intended to be a professional series and all drivers and crew members are expected to act accordingly. If you can't or won't drive and act in a professional mannor, then race in another division.  We don't necessarily want the most drivers, but we do want the best.  Please give your competitors room to race.  Respect the other drivers, they have alot invested too.  Rough driving, foul language, and unsportsmanlike conduct are not appreciated.  Officials are requested to be especially firm with the Unlimited All-Stars.  Remember a lot of kids look up to you!!!
The Pittsburgh Circle Track Club and Bergfelt Racing Enterprises and all other sponsors or the Unlimited All-Stars Circuit receive no financial considerations or monies from this circuit.  Their sole purpose is to publicize the races and recognize the participants and they(PCTC,BRE,and other circuit sponsors)are in no way responsible for the operation or organization of the racing activities at any of the tracks included in the Unlimited All-Stars Circuit.
The track promoter is solely responsible for running of the event.  The Unlimited All-Stars Circuit was created to provide a communication medium for competitors so that there would be full fields of unlimited karts at the various events.  This benefits the promoter, the racer and the fan.

2003 B.R.E. Unlimited All-Stars